Flea & Tick Collar

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Keep your doggo happy and healthy with our Tick & Flea Collar. Protects for up to 8 months against larvae, ticks, lice, mosquitos, fleas and more. Order with confidence today – FREE shipping included.

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Flea & Tick Collar to Protect Your Dog

Keep your doggo happy and healthy – help to prevent it from being attacked by nasty parasites such as larvae, ticks, lice, mosquitos, fleas and more. Our Flea & Tick Collar will keep those bugs at bay for up to 8 months and is totally safe to use on your dog (or cat!). It comes in a sealed package and can be stored in the canister provided when not being used. It also fits all sizes as the excess band can be cut and stored for future use.

  • 63cm/25 inches in length
  • Up to 8 months of protection
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • The repellent is made from plant-based extracts so it’s totally safe to use on your pet
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Comes in a sealed package and a circular tin to store it in when not being used

Important Notes

Please ensure that you monitor your pet’s skin during use as some animals may have allergies/reactions to it. Please consult your veterinarian if your pet is sick, pregnant or elderly before using this products.

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49 reviews for Flea & Tick Collar

  1. K****y

    Easy to fit to any size dog and adjust accordingly! My dogs are tick-free!

  2. V****n

    After we had little success against ticks with spot-ons, we have now tried the collar. I have to say I’m thrilled. Our dogs have been wearing them for 2 months now and so far we have not had any ticks. Excellent!

  3. D*****a

    Very satisfied with these collars will be ordering more real soon.

  4. W****e

    Works great. Haven’t had a flea problem since using this.

  5. G***y

    Took a while to ship but saved me tons of money and my Pongo is flea and tick free for months at a time! He loves it πŸ™‚

  6. A****e

    This is second year using these. No ticks or fleas all summer great product.

  7. E****d

    These collars are unbelievable, works like they claim.

  8. M***y

    Best for flea and tick prevention. Lasts well, even with dogs who swim regularly.

  9. H***y

    I use these on all 3 family dogs, they work well and never have fleas on my dog when I take them to the bath shop

  10. I****e

    Have a terrible time with fleas at my house but haven’t seen one on the dogs since putting this on them!

  11. V***o

    We have tried lots of flea collars over the years but this is far better than any other on the market.

  12. J**h

    Have had the collars for about a week and I haven’t seen a single tick or flea! Great product!

  13. L*z

    They’ve only worn them 2 weeks so far, but so far no sign of irritation or reaction to them and most importantly no sign of fleas or ticks.

  14. V****e

    Great product! No ticks or fleas on my Shih Tzu & hes been wearing for over a month now πŸ™‚

  15. I****n

    Brilliant. Very long collar. Fits our Irish Wolfhound male who is very big

  16. V******a

    Exactly what I wanted and cheaper that obtaining from your vet in the UK. You just need to consider the price of the postage to make sure that it’s still value for money.

  17. A*****o

    I use this product for my cat, and it does work. It’s amazing and it helps. Very good.

  18. N***y

    This easy-to-apply collar is odorless and gentle on my pet, and protects my dog from fleas and ticks. Great product!

  19. B****a

    I think this collar helps my dog a lot, it is very light weight and it helps my dog with the fleas. I really think I will buy more in the future.

  20. K***y

    An excellent product to keep my dogs free from harmful pests.

  21. J*****a

    Use these every year for my dogs to prevent tick problems, mainly because we live in a rural area with lots of deer and sheep. The collars do a brilliant job.

  22. E***t

    I like not having to put the flea drops on my pet. This is an easy and frugal way to have your pet flea proof.

  23. L***y

    Got 1 collar, 2 dogs had fleas, by the time the 2nd collar arrived both small dogs had no fleas. It’s super effective!!!

  24. E***a

    Great product. We have been using it for the past three years on two yorkie girls. Fast shipping and great customer service.

  25. H*******a

    We love these collars, this is our third one from MyDoggo, and in a few months we will reorder all these again! Great products at great prices!

  26. G**a

    We were very happy with our flea collars for the dogs & cat! Lasted a long time! Will definitely order again!

  27. J***s

    I have a dog that gets everything you can imagine. This collar actually keeps the fleas and ticks away. Best product out there for the money.

  28. P******e

    I bought one last and never had any fleas or ticks so I know this one will work the same, great product. The price was also great compared to the pet stores and vet offices.

  29. R****o

    I love this collar! It really does what it says it does. I have used it on inside and outside dogs. I am sold!!

  30. Z****a

    I have been using this collar on my dog since March. I have had no problems yet! πŸ™‚
    So far I like the collars much better than other similar products

  31. D****a

    I bought flea collars for my cats. They were the cheapest from this site and they shipped really fast and the products arrived in top condition. I will order in 6 months again. Thank you!

  32. S*m

    This is the best flea collar ever. It works on the whole body not just half of it and got it with discounted price. Highly recommend.

  33. T***y

    This is second time I used these collars and they ROCK!!! Also, this company has the best prices on SAME exact products, LOVE IT.. Will definitely shop here again!!!

  34. E*******h

    Very pleased with how well the collar worked, I ordered 3 more. Nobody can beat the price of mydoggo with free shipping! If you need to contact them, they are very prompt in responding to you. Plan to order from them once again.

  35. L****s

    So far, this is a great product. No ticks since we started using the collar and we had been finding at least one a day. Also happy it doesn’t make our dog sick. She can’t wear the over the counter collars as they make her very ill.

  36. K*****a

    Great product so far. The service and delivery were surprisingly quick and efficient and I saved quite a bit of money as I have multiple dogs. I have recommended this company to friends and relatives.


  37. C*****n

    Product was in date and exactly as specified by seller. Very good price and arrived early, I would recommend.

  38. S****a

    Being on a budget I was very pleased to get the same product for such a good price. Collars work great and have no scent to bother my allergies. Its a win/win for me and my dogs. Thank you.

  39. J**e

    Best flea collars I’ve ever used! Worth the price! AND arrived Quickly. THANK You!!! πŸ™‚

  40. K***y

    I bought the dog collar for my three large dogs which are always outside. To my delight they have had them about 2 months and they seem to be working fine. I appreciate the great service and prompt attention. Thanks so much. Now I need 6 for my small dogs.

  41. J****s

    It is so nice to be able to put a collar on my dog and not have to worry about the many ticks and fleas. Before, I would have to corner my dogs just to put the chemical on their backs and they ran around like they were trying to get it off. Then halfway through the month it was if I hadn’t used anything. Now, there are no problems putting this flea/tick preventive on my pets and it last for many months.

  42. M****e

    These collars are brilliant we use they all the time for our dog. They protect her for 8 months from fleas ticks and more. We no longer have to treat her every month with spot on and she he happier no more drowsiness after the spot on. Just put the collar on and that’s it and its child friendly and waterproof. Thank you

  43. L***a

    Best I could find with proven effect against bugs but with least side effects. I don’t like to apply chemical warfare but had no other choice as ticks and fleas were unbearable this year. Unfortunately, effect does not seem to last longer than 3 month.

  44. L****e

    Excellent collar for flea and tick prevention. My 45 kg dog had a bad case of fleas and after applying the collar within 3 days it was cleared out completely and he is calmer, not scratching himself constantly and sheds much less as a result. Great product, will definitely be repurchasing. Bought 2 at a time so as to not be pressed for a collar when 7-8 months wear off.

  45. B*n

    Arrived packaged well and with no problems. I was worried about the fit because I have a large dog but it fit nicely. Easy to put on and has stayed on. I have been told they are great for fleas and ticks.

  46. D****e

    The product is easy to use on our dog. As far as we can tell, it’s working. She’s not showing any symptoms of having fleas or ticks. I was worried about the possibility of a side effect of skin irritation but that hasn’t happened. Not having to worry about applying medication for the next 7-8 months is great

  47. C*****a

    Works well. Fleas absolutely hate it! Not the cheapest solution out there, but when I added up the cost of monthly flea tablets, it is actually quite cost-effective, so for me I think it’s worth it.

  48. S***e

    We live near the woods, so we kept having dog problems with fleas attacking our dogs. This keeps them away, like it says, for 8 months or more. The inside cats kept having flea problems too, no matter what flea prevention we used. That’s now a problem of the past. I order new ones at 7 months, so that I’ll have them ready when it’s time to change. Our vet also recommends them.

  49. A*y

    Love the Dewel collar! I had spent lots of money on various products such as various collars, sprays, shampoos & flea combs, but was still plagued with fleas and ticks. Since my two dogs and cats are allowed on my bed, I also found ticks on me! Finally ordered 2 dog Dewel collars and 1 for the cat. It was like magic!! Not a flea or tick in sight! When I used my flea comb not a flea could be found. I am SO impressed with these collars. What I thought were pretty pricey collars, turned out to be worth every dime. I spent as much on products that didn’t work and required a lot of effort to use. Dewel collars are easy to use, don’t smell, are not messy and WORK!!

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