Rechargeable Dog Clippers/Trimmer

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Is your doggo getting a bit scruffy? Want to save on grooming costs? Our affordable, low noise, rechargeable, cordless, portable, professional dog/pet trimmer/clipper is the perfect tool for the job. Trim your dog’s hair with ease using the 4 handy attachments to control how short you want to go and recharge it using any USB charger/adaptor with the cable provided.

Contents include:

  • 1x dog/pet trimmer/clipper
  • 4x combs/attachments for different hair lengths
  • 1x USB charging cable (charge on the go if needed)
  • 1x clipper brush (to keep the blades clean)
  • 1x clipper oil (to keep it running smoothly)
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Easy to use, low noise & pet friendly

Our dog/pet trimmer is super easy to use and it won’t frighten or irritate your beloved companion due to it’s low noise motor and sharp blades. Use 1 of the 4 included blade guards to achieve your desired length, and then clean it with the included brush and oil the blades using the included blade oil to keep your machine running smoothly. Once you’re done, use the included USB cable to charge the trimmer using any USB compatible charger (e.g. your phone charger, your laptop, a portable battery – anything that powers other USB devices will work with this machine).


  • Low-noise and pet friendly
  • Portable, cordless and rechargeable
  • Easy to use and comes with a manual
  • Get everything you see in the pictures
  • Charge using any USB charger
  • Affordable price point
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54 reviews for Rechargeable Dog Clippers/Trimmer

  1. B***a

    I was skeptical because the price was so low but this product is amazing. The cordless feature makes it extremely friendly and the battery life is awesome. I shaved 3 of my animals in one session the day I got it.

  2. T***a

    Way better product than I anticipated. So glad I bought this particular one instead of something else.

  3. Y***a

    I love the fact that it’s rechargeable and I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the items received!

  4. Z***h

    Really good product. We have struggled to grooming our dog (he is a shih tzu), and were never happy when we used to take him to the pet store for the grooming service, so we do it at home. This are the only clippers that we able to do the job, super easy to use, and the battery is long lasting, I have been using them 3 times at least for one hour each time and is only down to 70%.

  5. G***a

    My dog had very long hair due to Groomers being closed from COVID, so I bought this kit. We used the scissors to shorten the length and the hand razor after that. It worked well.

  6. F***e

    The clippers performed very well I love the way they cut they don’t jam up even with the buildup of pet hair.

  7. T***y

    The item worked great. I only had the chance to use it twice. Sadly, my friends dog passed away. I would these clippers to anyone looking for good quiet professional cutting clippers.

  8. M**o

    loved this for my yorkie the groomer has been closed and was very easy to use. just did a trim and cant wait for a few weeks to give him a full haircut.

  9. J****r

    This is by far the best pet clipper I’ve ever used. I’m an ordinary pet owner who needed to groom my dogs during the COVID-19 lock down.

  10. N***i

    my dogs are older 🙁 so they are not liking a lot of things. Well they were ok with me trimming them with this. It was quiet and cut really well

  11. A**a

    Really nice set, was leary at first because it’s pretty inexpensive for all this stuff. But it works great on my maltipoo! I would recommend this set for sure!!

  12. C***y

    Very fast shipping, great product for the money. Easy to use and very quiet for my very skittish Maltese mix. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

  13. F**a

    I have purchased several different grooming tools, all costing more than this. None work as well as this one. What I love most about it is that the blades have not dulled over multiple uses. It is quiet and does not get hot like others I’ve used. I have 6 rescue dogs and have to groom frequently. It would be cost prohibitive to pay for grooming. This tool allows me to get the job done perfectly at home.

  14. J***y

    Works really well and easy to use. Low noise when using which is good for the dogs that don’t like the noise. Definitely worth buying and love that it is cordless.

  15. P***r

    I wanted to try a cordless and it worked nice , the motor is a lot more quiet, was easier to pass around the legs which is usually the most complicated pet when grooming a cat, it’s perfect for a quick grooming at home.

  16. B***n

    I LOVE this kit! It’s everything I need to clean my lil baby girl beautiful and healthy! I have a pomapoo and her hair gets badly matted if hair gets to long and her poor lil paw pads get sore, im just realizing and learning!

  17. O***a

    So I was skeptical but they were great for my dogs hair! It wasn’t loud and The hair just came off easily compared to other super expensive clippers I’ve used !

  18. K***y

    I like it so far. I’ve only used it once, but I like that it’s rechargeable instead of relying on batteries or a cord. It’s also much quieter than the last one I had.

  19. G****d

    I have a small Shih Tzu puppy who loves to drag his body on the grass which eventually caused knots on his belly. He is such a drama queen he would cry when we’d turn the old clippers on, so I was so glad that these clippers aren’t loud and scary. He actually sat still the whole time while I trimmed away, I definitely thought I was going to need help holding him still.

  20. I**a

    Im a dog groomer and this work amazing. I bought them to use on feet and corner of eyes. The turbo makes the blades run faster and is a great addition to these clippers.

  21. P****n

    It’s hard to tell since I used only once but I like it a lot so far!! Somehow my dog is afraid of the noise (it’s quiet enough) but she should get used to it more I use it! Very good deal!!!!

  22. T***a

    My package came in early, everything was nicely packaged, very high quality materials, and the vibration sounds are very minimal!

  23. M**y

    Clippers are great! Easy to charge, and they didn’t burn my cat’s skin or snag his fur. Comes with a variety of attachments, easy to clean.

  24. V*a

    I used this clipper on my Yorkie. My groomer is closed because of the virus, and I needed to groom her. The clipper is small, very quiet and easily goes through her fur. She was not afraid of the clipper and low noise, and this was very important to me. It did a great job.

  25. D***i

    I am very impressed with these pet clippers! It was always a hassle to groom my two small pups with a corded clipper and now with this cordless clipper I am quickly and easily give my girls a fresh cut whenever they need it. This saves time and money by grooming them at home. Very happy with this product!!

  26. P***t

    “Love how in order and professional looks like!! Definitely recommend” i used it on my dads dog / sheep she was literally cover in lots of hair !! Only took my an hour to shave her off ! So dont think twice this product its amazing

  27. N***a

    This is a great product to groom my dog. Very strong built quality. Low noise levels, didn’t scare my dog. Love the multi-level power settings on the trimmer. Exceeds expectations! Would definitely recommend this!!

  28. I**a

    I bought this kit for my cairn terrier friend. She usually gets a monthly haircut, which costs me more than $80. Now with this kit, I can give her a haircut by myself. Of course, I am not a pro, still, need to take her to the groomer every 4 months, but in between, I can manage to do by myself following a youtube video.

  29. Y**a

    With the virus, we are unable to take our dogs to the groomer, so we thought we would try it ourselves. We have a schnauzer and a bichon. This product is fantastic. The clippers is quiet, easy to use

  30. P***a

    I got this trimmer to keep our golden retriever trimmed. Her hair gets long and she gets knots during the summer when she goes swimming. It is quit and easy to use. I like that it is cordless and shows the battery level. It was delivered very quickly

  31. P*a

    I purchased this item save some money I’m cutting my dogs hear everything came in perfect the Clippers themselves are super quiet and they work extremely well.

  32. Z****a

    I can’t believe how much comes with this kit for the price! I’ve used shavers before that I purchased from Walmart and they always end up in the trash. I have a Pomeranian with super thick hair. I didn’t expect this one to work either – still pretty shocked to be honest!

  33. V****a

    We have a golden retriever puppy and as much as we try to brush her, she gets the occasional fur clump. This kit has made removal (and prevention) of these fur clumps a much easier process.

  34. L****a

    This set is awesome! This kit was super easy to use and the quality is great. The battery lasts for a while and charges pretty fast. The clippers are pretty quiet while in use and I love that it came with everything you need. I highly recommend this kit for anyone looking for one!

  35. K***l

    I bought this after getting a cocker spaniel puppy. I could not get her to a groomer because they were all closed during COVID 19 shut downs. Although I didn’t know what I was doing, this allowed me to give her a trim until I could get her a haircut. I have since used it to keep her cut in shape saving me money. They cut well.

  36. H****r

    So far seems to work great! And the sound doesn’t seem to bother my easily-startled 7 lb pomapoo at all! She’s still nervous about it, but that’s because she’s nervous about everything.

  37. H****e

    THis is a quiet tool that works great for my older, skittish shihztu. She was way overdue for a grooming, so I bought the trimmers and did it myself rather than taking her in to a pet spa. I’m not as good as the professional groomers but she tolerated the quiet noise level far better than other trimmers that I’ve used.

  38. L***y

    We got the kit and found everything we needed to help our old dog look good. He isn’t the easiest to groom anymore, he prefers to lay down and we have to work around him. It really helped to have clippers that didn’t scare him or worry him and that he could just relax and begin to look beautiful.

  39. G***n

    I am a pet sitter and some old doggies with long hair get “stuff” caught up on their backsides; these clippers have been incredibly handy in that regard. Also, I have short hair and kept needing to go get my neck shaved; with a properly mounted mirror opposite another mirror, I can trim my neck! I think these are great.

  40. I***a

    I have a Multi-Poo which is the same type of hair like a Poodle and this Battery Operated Clipper did an incredible job cutting through my dogs hair like BUTTER. I can’t say it would be as easy to cut course hair similar to a German Shepard’s but give it a try. Battery Life is incredible as is the quality of this product.

  41. P***a

    I absolutely love this set and am going to send my sister a set as well who is a professional groomer to get her opinion as well! I groom my own dogs but she could put them through the ringer as she uses hers daily and most of the day so her opinion of them would probably be better than mine. But for the price I say these are excellent!

  42. B***y

    For someone who has never had to cut dog hair before, this product is great – lightweight, noise level low, and easy grip. Instructions on how to use are good.

  43. L***y

    It’s so quiet! And I will only buy a cordless from now on. My pup didnt mind it at all! Very easy to use and I can say that because I’m not a groomer just a regular ol’ pet lover who has a dog that needs regular clipping and grooming.

  44. Q***n

    It’s my first time buying the grooming kit and I can’t wait to learn to groom my dog. It’s fantastic and has everything I need that is a beginner.

  45. H****y

    We bought this to use in between the twice a year grooming appointments for our 18 pound terrier. This works much better than I expected, the cordless shaver is accurate and light.

  46. P****r

    My dogs gave me no trouble, mind you I have never trimmed a dog before. It worked great. Now I have the ability to maintain them. I’m in love with the clippers. I have started to clip outdoor cats even..

  47. U****e

    I tried out the clippers today and am overall pleased with the quality for the price.

  48. W**l

    I purchased this for a friend after she saw the one I bought. I bought a different brand’s clippers awhile ago but these ones are way nicer. I love the charging stand. They’re quiet and look sleek.

  49. G***e

    I was impressed with the clippers. The battery lasted the whole time, didn’t have to recharge it. They were sharp so it took half the time it normally does to clip my dog (who has a thick coat so we were both happy). The lack of cord also made the task less of a headache.

  50. K***y

    There are great tool for grooming my dog. She absolutely hates grooming at stores and tries to run away. I purchased these tools do make the work easier as well as having all the tools I may need.

  51. N**l

    The clippers performed very well I love the way they cut they don’t jam up even with the buildup of pet hair I’ll rate this product five stars.

  52. H****e

    This set is actually great. It arrived charged. So that was a plus. The operation is silent almost even at a high speed setting for the clippers. I love the fact that it is cordless.

  53. J****a

    The battery lasts for a while and charges pretty fast. The clippers are pretty quiet while in use and I love that it came with everything you need. I highly recommend this kit for anyone looking for one!

  54. M****e

    This set is awesome! I have two dogs and we were spending about $120 a month for grooming so I decided to try my luck with grooming them myself. This kit was super easy to use and the quality is great.

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